We are a family bussiness, a local factory in traditonal handicraft village situated inthe northern part of Vietnam. Our business started in the 1980s. Our family have made a living from rattan handicraft for many years . The traditional weaving techniques are passed down in our family through generations. At the beginning, our family were talented rattan craftmen in the village. Then as time moves on, we developed a small workshop, then a big workshop in our village. In 2003, our family became to a local factory exporting products directly to customers around the world. Bamboo PQ was one of the factories expanded by the daugter of the family. Bamboo PQ is located in industrial zone, which is easy for transportation.

In particular, Bamboo PQ is surrounded by many trational handicraft viallges with plenty of skilfull labour.

We pursue the mission to tell the world more about Vietnamese traditional values in Vietnamese culture and lifestyles.We collaborate with artisans from different villages across the country to create beautiful and unique handicrated products using local eco-friendly raw materia. In particular, our humane mission is to create job for the local men and women in rural areas, to improve their quality of life.

Our products are eco-friendly. They are used for home decoration (indoor and outdoor) such as storage basket, kitchenware, living decoration, bath accesories, garden fencing… All of them are made from natural materials in Vietnam such as bamboo, rattan, seagrass, water hyathin etc.

Our main markets are America, Europe, Japan, and Australia , and we are always looking forward to more new opportunties and markets